Our unique approach to risk analysis and hand safety training is carried out in your work place at a time to suit you.

The techniques and tools we use set us apart and help to ensure your continued path towards reducing  hand injuries.

Hand Safety Education

Specialised  personal and thought provoking hand safety training programme including e-learning.

Personal Protective Equipment

Certified training on the legislation and selection of appropriate hand ware.

Risk Analysis

A unique approach, to quickly get to the root cause of hand injuries in the work place.


Identifying the right solutions to reduce the potential for hand injury.

.Simple yet innovative thinking can often bring about the solution to reducing workplace injuries

We have forward thinking designers who can  design a post manufacture retro fit  solution to alleviate the risk of continued hand injuries


Each hand safety campaign is designed specifically for your company. We assess your needs, design and produce everything that is needed to run a successful  campaign that will drive down hand injuries and result in a culture of better safety in your work environment.