Who and What is behind Sharp Reminder

Richard suffered what appeared to be a minor hand injury, yet 30 years later he has undergone over 60 complex operations, the result of which is an amputated left arm.  

He continues to suffer to this day but remains passionate that the real legacy of his accident should be that no one else suffers in the way he did.

This is what drives  Sharp Reminder.

Through lectures, seminars and workshops Richard shares his own experience.

Richard discusses the complexity of the human hand, its ease of damage, and reviews many types of hand injuries in the workplace, their cause and consequence.

The Human Hand an Engineering Marvel

The human hand is an engineering marvel yet we all expose our hands to hazards everyday. Learn to identify the potential hazards and take positive action to avoid injury.

Anytime ~ Anyone ~ Any Environment

A hand injury can happen at anytime to anyone in any environment.
Learn what to do and how best to protect the future quality of your life by making the right decisions from the start.